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Explore the unknown sights of Santorini

Find at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours.  Explore the unknown sights of Santorini.

Cathedral of Santorini

The Cathedral of Santorini is located in one of the busiest parts of Fira, with an endless view of the volcano and the settlement itself, which is built amphitheatrically on the caldera.

It is dedicated to the Hypapanti of Sotira and was founded at the beginning of the 19th century. The small wall in front of the temple, where crowds of people gather to admire the sunset every evening is called budi, while the frescoes of the Santorinian painter Christoforos Asimis adorn the interior of the temple.

Prophet Ilias Monastery

The Monastery of Prophet Ilias in Santorini is the largest monastery on the island. It was founded in 1711 on the top of the mountain of the same name, in the southeastern part of Santorini, near Pyrgos.

Until the 19th century, women’s vestments were valid with few exceptions, but today women are admitted to the Catholic and Archontariki. There are also two collections, the Folklore Collection, with old furniture and objects, and the Ecclesiastical Collection, with great icons and sacred utensils. Tradition says that the very icon of the Prophet Elias Monastery is miraculous and that it has helped Santorini in times of great drought.

The Monastery is known for its philanthropic and social work, while the view from the monastery grounds to the whole of Santorini is enchanting.

Panagia of Malta

One of the many churches in Imerovigli, Santorini is Panagia the Maltese. Although someone hearing this name might expect the church to be of the Catholic denomination, it is nevertheless Orthodox, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and celebrated on November 21, when there is a litany of the icon and a great festival.

It owes its name to the fact that the icon of the Virgin Mary worshiped there was found in the sea, near Malta, by a Santorini captain.

Maritime Museum of Oia

The Maritime Museum of Oia in Santorini describes through objects, documents, relics and photographs the rich maritime history of the island, which especially in the 19th century was a great power in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

It is housed in an impressive 19th century captain’s house and houses models of the ships that belonged to Santorinian shipowners, anchors, rare bows, extants, various accessories, watercolors of sailing ships, rare documents, charter agreements, dowry agreements and wills, as well as rich photographic material.

Saint Matrona

Agia Matrona is the dominant temple in Finikia, the village next to Oia. It was built in 1859 by Frangiskos Platis, a shipowner originally from Oia, it has an elaborate bell tower and its forecourt is adorned with a palm tree, a characteristic image and reference point of the village.

The double-bell bell tower, painted in a strong shade of orange, stands out in the traditional settlement. A large traditional festival is held there on her feast day, on October 20.

A guide to the most important attractions of Santorini, which those who visit must see, even once.


Emporio of Santorini is the most populous settlement of the island and is located approximately 12 kilometers south of Fira, near Akrotiri, at the foot of Prophet Ilias. The traditional Kasteli of Emporio is preserved to this day in very good condition, as is the medieval Goulas.

The old Primary School, built in 1900 with a donation from Andreas Sygrou, is still considered a sight to see, while just outside the village is the famous beach of Perissa, one of the most popular in Santorini. Even from afar, facing the village, the visitor sees the ornate bell tower of Panagia Messiani, located inside the castle.


Akrotiri of Santorini is known because of the great discovery of the prehistoric settlement. The modern settlement is built on the southern tip of the island, very close to one of the most famous beaches of Santorini, the Red Beach.

It is characterized by Kastelli, the medieval castle at its highest point and has excellent tourist infrastructure, from tourist accommodation, to cafes, restaurants and water sports. One of the areas that the visitor deserves to see is Balos or Palos, a small bay just outside the village.

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Apartment building entrance doors based on your needs

Apartment building entrance doors based on your needs

Nowadays, apartment building entrance doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – are not an easy task. Many try to repeat your time and money, presenting you unfinished or old-tech constructions of low aesthetic value as effective.

However, at Alfino Door we have the solution to your problem by providing high quality apartment building entrance doors. With extensive experience in the field, we design and manufacture armored apartment building entrances that combine incomparable security and technology with high aesthetics.


– Safety means technological superiority. Always keeping in mind the satisfaction of your needs, Alfino Door manufactures armored apartment building entrance doors using the most modern technology has to offer. Special automatic locking systems ensure that the entrance to your apartment building remains permanently locked, providing you with absolute security 24 hours a day.

Electromechanical self-locking locks from Alfino Door are the solution most people choose to ensure building security. These locks are automatically locked after each entry or exit from your apartment building. Invest in Alfino Door technology and shield your space with the latest technology.

Alfino Door Entrance Doors


– For all of us at Alfino Door, aesthetics in our constructions is as important as technology. Yes, we want to provide you with the highest security. Yes, our members are to shield your space with the latest technology. Nevertheless, we pay special attention to the design and aesthetics of each of our products.

Specifically, we at Alfino Door, manufacture every apartment building door with the aim of aesthetically upgrading the facade of your space. Our qualified associates are always at your disposal to propose and co-shape with you the final view of the entrance that satisfies your own taste.

Do not hesitate to ask us anything you have imagined for the armored door of your apartment building…

At Alfino Door, we can build just about anything as long as the rules regarding construction safety are not violated. Nowadays, shielding your space is more important than ever. With high technology, functional comfort, and unrivaled aesthetics, at Alfino Door you don’t have to lower your standards to find the apartment building door of your dreams.

Don’t miss out any more – learn about all Alfino Door security doors from our highly trained associates here and invest in your future security. Discover some of the latest and most impressive constructions of central income apartment buildings and buildings bearing the signature of Alfino Door here.

We are waiting for you at our exhibition in Athens to explore your own needs and propose reliable security doors solutions.

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Τhe 9 best bags for summer 2021

The trends come and go, but a beautiful and high quality bag – γυναικείες τσάντες – stays forever. Whether you are planning to invest in new designs or just follow the latest trends, here are the 9 best bags for summer 2021. Summer is here and it’s time to update our wardrobe with one of the new styles of the season.

Chain Straps

Chains are the most famous trend of recent seasons. For summer, bags with colorful chains are a great choice to combine with a simple look, as shown in the Versace show. These bags can be worn at any time of the day, with the appropriate spring or summer outfit. You need to pay attention to the chain that they have and specifically to it’s color. A pure metallic color is the desired result, while you can move in both silver and gold. Let’s not forget that silver is the top metallic color for this year.

Pink of the bubble gum

This season, bubble gum bags are taking us back to the vibrant fashion of the ’00s era. On several catwalks, bags of various shapes, with monograms and in different sizes had one thing in common the explosive shade of pink. So, a bag in bubblegum pink is a great choise for summer 2021.

Multiple bags

This season, fashion dictates its own rules. If you swing between a large bag or a petite version, wear them together. The experts not only advise us to combine different styles, models and sizes, but insist on it.


Basket bags

Basket bags have been dominating for several summer seasons and this year is no exception. For those of you who love natural materials and a more rustic style, then this is definitely a bag that you should keep in many of your appearances this year. It is made of artificial straw. These bags are suitable for all ages, while it is very easy and simple to combine them with the rest of the outfit.

They are held from morning until late afternoon, in any circumstance during this period. Just adjust the size of the bag accordingly. They exist in more classic designs, such as the one pictured, but also in many others, such as the basket shape. In your opinion, every girl and woman who wants to be elegant and fashionable needs to hold a bag like that.

Two in one

This time, the designers decided to show preference not only to waist bags, but also to focus on an equally important accessory, such as wallet bags hanging around the neck of models at the shows of Max Mara and Louis Vuitton.

Tote bags

Tote bags are a constant and timeless favorite of all of us. Definitely because they can be worn daily, from morning to afternoon. They also have a large storage space, allowing us to carry everything we need or even more than we need!

This year, these practical bags appeared in a crown with a specific style, which we would characterize as professional. We believe that all women should have such a bag in our wardrobe, Mainly because of its practicality and comfort, as well as the convenience of combination with the rest of the outfit. So, we can not omit the well-known tote bags from the list of must have for summer 2021.

Bags in neon shades

What is more summery and springy what is more cheerful and lively than neon colors? After two years, we see these vibrant and bright colors return to the fashion trends for bags. Yellow, green, orange, magenta and blue are good choices for neon bags. You can be inspired for your own choices in bags. Do not hesitate to keep such a bag whenever you want to look and be glamorous and in-fashion.

Knitted bags and purses

One of the cutest, most beautiful, most versatile, one of the most classic and at the same time modern fashion trends in women’s Bags for summer 2021 are undoubtedly the knitted bags.

Knitted backpacks, knitted shoulder bags, knitted handbags in colors such as white, pink, beige. But also intense summer and spring colors such as magenta, green, red, blue and more. However, the knitted bags and the knitted bags that were in soft, neutral, earth tones starred. In our opinion, such a bag is everything you need to take off an evening or summer evening look in a perfect way. A knitted bag is a very good idea, comfortable choice and almost passé partout solution for your morning and afternoon appearances and obligations.


Tiny bags

Bags that fit almost nothing have been one of the top trends for years. As it seems, they will not be missing from the list of top trends this season either.

On the catwalks of famous fashion brands a variety of designs of small bags were presented that are held on the hand or inserted crosswise. But the ones that stood out were the bracelet type and the ones that hang around the neck. Of course, the sets of many small bags were not missing. Together or separately they create a more user-friendly bag for your walks.

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How the painting of a wall affect our psychology!

How the painting of a wall affect our psychology!

Painting is the most common “language” in the world. Sounds may not be used, but emotions are created and it is a language that we all know instinctively to speak. The colors and painting we choose for our walls testify to the emotions and finally to ourselves.

Usually when we choose a color to paint a room of the house, we choose based on our aesthetic criteria, the furniture or the sex of the one who stays in the house or the bedroom. But color is primarily expression, psychology and an international language!

Let’s see what emotions are caused by different colors:


Red is known for the energy it gives to a room and is a well-known tool for decorators to elevate the senses. It is a “social” color, because it pushes people to gather in this space and speak. Creates a beautiful contrast with wenge or dark furniture in general, without excluding the lighter ones.

Strategically it can be used in hall / foyer, to create strong impressions on customers, business guests or your guests! It is contraindicated for bedrooms, because it prevents relaxation, while if you are on a diet, it is the worst choice for the kitchen, because it activates the appetite!


It resembles the sun and is therefore considered the color of happiness, which is why it is preferred for rooms without windows in gold or dark with a tendency to mustard tones. You should not prefer it in places where you spend a lot of time or if you work from home, because it tends to tire the eyes. According to research as a baby room color, it causes babies to cry more. Prefer it in pale yellow or French Vanilla shades, claim Gikas Painting Painters in New Jersey.


As a blend of red and blue, the color of luxury offers a balance between relaxation and energy. Lilac shades relax the mind, without “freezing” the room. Dark purple can be used in the office, while light purple in the children’s room.


Orange tends to stir up crowds! It is a risky color though, because as it consists of red and yellow, it can be used in a space where you want concentration and excitement, but it is not recommended to painting bedrooms or the living room.


The all time classic white exudes cleanliness and purity and can enter homes with romantic decor (as well as the shades between white and beige). At the same time it can amazingly highlight your paintings or colored wall stickers in modern, pop art and playful rhythms.


Blue is the most relaxing color that keeps blood pressure and heart rate low. In the color of the ocean it has the advantage that it expresses dynamism, while oil and royal blue express luxury. Pale shades tend to make a room look bigger. It is a great color for workplaces, while at the same time it helps creativity. If you have a weight problem, blue cuts the appetite by sending a faster signal to the brain that you are full. Prefer it in the bathroom, the kitchen or the bedroom and less in the living room and you have the recipe for success!


Green – the color of nature and peace – is a particularly relaxing color for the eyes with relaxing properties. In pale shades it is relaxing, in yellow-green it is energetic (it is better to put it on a single wall), while in cypress or olive color it can become depressing. It is considered to be the best color for work from home, because it helps in concentration.

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Samsung Galaxy A10: a simple smartphone

The most economical member of the new Samsung series is the Galaxy A10, which is also the subject of our particular review – θήκες κινητών -. Manufacturers who want to maintain or gain a significant market share in smartphones, know very well the importance which has the middle and low price range.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Design

The smartphone is made entirely of plastic, which covers the back surface, but also embraces the side. This back, houses the one and only camera of the Galaxy A10 along with its LED Flash. In the lower left corner is the smartphone speaker, in a position that the company has been using for several years now, since the era of the Galaxy S5 and the Note 4. At this point, the speaker is easy to turn off when touched. the Galaxy A10 on a flat surface, and further reduce its volume, which from the beginning is not something special.

It should be noted here that in order to keep the cost of sales low, the Galaxy A10 does not have a fingerprint sensor. Although for Samsung data this is reasonable, in the market one can find several competing devices with very little difference in cost that normally have a fingerprint sensor. Nevertheless, the Galaxy A10 continues to have a normal headphone port on the bottom, since Samsung is one of the few companies that to date has not removed it at all from its devices.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Screen

As already mentioned, one of the most important advantages of the Galaxy A10 is the large screen of 6.21 inches. Samsung has chosen to use an LCD Panel in order to significantly reduce the overall cost of the smartphone.

Its resolution is at 1520 x 720 pixels, the one that is now considered a given in this category, and which comfortably covers the requirements that one can have from a low price smartphone. What pleasantly surprises, is the particularly good color screen performance. Even in this low class, and even in an LCD Panel, Samsung can offer screens significantly better than the competition.

Everything is presented in quite bright and pleasant colors, which in fact are within the limits of reasonable and do not tire or look too much. Overall, the large size and good quality of the screen of the Galaxy A10, make it one of the most important advantages against the proposals of the competition.


Perhaps the biggest surprise ever for the category to which the Galaxy A10 belongs, is the performance of the one and only camera on the back. Technically, its resolution is at 13MP and it has a lens with an aperture of f / 1.9, which helps it significantly in taking photos in lower light. The Galaxy A10 is also the only Samsung smartphone that does not offer scene optimization, as it calls the company the ability to identify the scenery and the object of each photo.

So without adapting to the conditions, the camera has a pretty good overall performance, which comfortably exceeds the average in this category. What stands out most in the photos, are the very good levels of detail they contain. The hardware inside the Galaxy A10 is powerful enough to store photos with good levels of detail and color gamut in a reasonable amount of time.

The F / 1.9 aperture significantly helps the sensor to see very good levels of illumination, which translates into correspondingly bright photos. Their detail remains at very good levels even in these conditions, something that is not taken for granted, while the dynamic and color range is better than usual.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Processor

The Galaxy A10 has inside the same Exynos 7884 processor designed and manufactured by Samsung itself, with the immediately more expensive Galaxy A20e. The main and only essential difference between them is that the Galaxy A10 has 2 GB of RAM instead of 3, which is essentially the only “limitation” in performance for the smaller of the two Smartphones.

Theoretically and practically, even with lower operating frequency, is more than enough for the requirements that one can have from the Galaxy A10. In everyday use, almost all the usual applications open without delay, while even the most demanding of them do not “hang” or run with particular difficulty.

The 2 GB of RAM is in any case a problem that should be taken into account by anyone who chooses the Galaxy A10. Ordinary Social Media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not practical in their capabilities. In terms of graphics, the Mali G71 GPU is definitely stronger than most competition proposals for this money. This does not necessarily mean that it can play games like PUBG, although here the small RAM is what prevents the Galaxy A10 from offering something better.

Operating system

The Galaxy A10 comes with Samsung’s OneUI graphical interface, which is the newest and best version available to the company. Below that is Google’s Android 9 Pie, and it is almost certain that even with a significant delay, the Galaxy A10 will at some point probably be upgraded to the next version of the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Battery

Inside the Galaxy A10 is a relatively large battery with a capacity of 3,400 mAh. The “big” is compared to the power requirements of the Smartphone, which are limited. The Exynos 7884 has very good performance characteristics for its consumption, and the OneUI in turn has significantly improved management and control of what each application does.


The Samsung Galaxy A10 is by far the most economical smartphone that the company has made available on the market in recent years, as the first and official selling price. The technical features and design of the Galaxy A10 may not be excellent, as some companies with more experience in Such a low price range, they offer devices slightly better than this, but it is enough for Samsung and its policy so far.

Θήκες κινητών Samsung από το

When you buy Samsung Galaxy A10, you will need a new phone case and accessories from! Thikishop has a huge variety of phone accessories,  mobile cases, mobile headphones, tablet cases and more for your phone and tablet in low prices for your Samsung smartphone.

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7 natural mold removal tricks

Mold is a nuisance and poses a risk to your health, as it can create the ideal conditions for the appearance of mites, dust and unpleasant odors. If you want a professional solution for your mold problem, contact Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

As a result, ugly stains are created on the walls and corners. And over time, your body can develop allergies and respiratory problems. Mold also discolors the paint on the walls and causes damage.

In addition to using products to eliminate mold, it is important to ventilate the premises to neutralize fungi and prevent unpleasant odors. Do you want to eliminate mold from the house? Mold in the house is a problem that can be due to its construction materials, the effect of the climate and the lack of proper ventilation.

Fortunately, there are some completely natural methods you can use to remove mold and prevent future problems by cleaning and freshening up problem areas. Here are 7 natural mold removal tricks that you can try before resorting to the use of hard chemicals.


1. White vinegar to eliminate mold

White vinegar is one of the best natural products you can use to eliminate mold at home. It can be used in everything from the walls in the bathroom to clothes and kitchen areas. In fact, despite its unpleasant odor, white vinegar is the best solution to eliminate mold and the smell of moisture in the closets.


1/2 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup water

1 spray

Instructions: Dissolve the white vinegar in water and pour it into a spray. Shake the bottle and spray the solution on the mold stains in your home. Allow to air dry.Repeat the application every day for a week.If mold stains are really persistent, apply plain vinegar directly to them.


2. Open the windows to remove mold from the house

Opening windows is a simple way to prevent mold, mites and other dirt from accumulating.The circulating air contributes to the natural drying of the spaces and changes the environment that fungi and bacteria need to multiply. This explains why we ventilate our home when we want to get rid of unpleasant odors. However, maybe you need a disinfection from an experienced staff like Αποφράξεις Αθήνα.


3. Do not hide stains

Many people place furniture and other objects in front of stains on walls in an attempt to hide them. The problem with covering stains is that it prevents air circulation and promotes mold growth. Therefore the best idea is to place the furniture at a good distance from the stains, so that there is enough space for proper air circulation.


4.Do not spread wet clothes inside

One of the most common mistakes that lead to the appearance of mold and unpleasant odors in the house is the spreading of wet clothes in the house. This attracts mold, prevents clothes from drying out properly and leaves an unpleasant odor that is difficult to remove.


5.Baking soda to eliminate mold

Another economical alternative for removing mold and odor stains is baking soda. Baking soda is a non-aggressive ingredient that has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is excellent for absorbing odors. Instructions: Rub the problem areas with a little baking soda and leave it on for two hours.Then, remove it with a brush. You can also try putting a little baking soda in several small containers that you will place in closets that tend to show mold.


6. Sea salt

Sea salt is a natural ingredient that can help eliminate mold indoors. It disinfects, neutralizes strong odors and prevents the growth of black mold stains. Instructions:Take 200-250 gr. coarse salt and place them on a surface (a table, a nightstand or a bench) near the walls of the room where there is more moisture. As time goes on the moisture will disappear from the walls as it will be absorbed by the salt. Put the sea salt in small containers or bags and place them in the cupboards and change them once a month.


7. Borax to eliminate mold

Borax has antifungal properties and, unlike products such as bleach, is not aggressive and does not harm the environment. Aside from the fact that borax has a really wide variety of applications throughout the house, it is important to know that it is an excellent anti-mold solution.

Instructions: Be sure to wear gloves when using borax and dissolve a tablespoon in two liters of water. Apply the liquid to the problem areas with a brush, leave it on for half an hour and then wipe with a clean cloth. As you can see, there are many different ways to fight the mold that grows in your home.

Follow the recommendations about the 7 natural mold removal tricks in this article and say goodbye to mold problems forever.

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Save money on your electricity bill

Save money on your electricity bill

You know that feeling when your bills – ηλεκτρολόγοι Αθήνα – are issued and there are extreme charges on them? It is a real bummer when you have to pay a lot of money on your electricity bills. In fact, there is a number of ways that you can avoid these extreme amounts of money, and we have them ready for you to read! We have prepared a list of things you can do to save money on your electricity bill, so do not stall and start reading!

Unplug your devices

Even when a laptop is turned off, its transformer continues to consume power. Therefore, plug it into a power strip with a switch and turn off the switch, or unplug it when not in use, unless you want to charge its battery. Unplug the chargers when the appliance is fully charged, as they are still consuming power.

Make your house energy saving-friendly

The first thing to make sure that your house is “green” is to ensure that you have installed proper insulation. When your house is properly insulated, the heat from your heating system and the cold air from your fans or air conditioners will stay in the rooms for longer. This way, the devices do not have to work all day, as you do not lose any of this heat (or cold air).

Use fans instead of air conditioning devices

Prefer to cool using a fan (especially ceiling). Even when using an air conditioner, using the ceiling fan will offer you the same comfort by setting the air conditioner thermostat to a higher temperature.If you choose to use an air conditioner make sure you have got an inverter. Inverter units consume less energy than the old ones and makes you save money on your electricity bill!

Close and open your windows

When it is not that hot in your house, choose to open your windows instead of running the a/c unit or your fan. This way, you are going to consume less energy, without freezing. Same goes for the colder days. When it is chilly during spring close your windows firstly before turning your heat units on.

Get your A+ appliances

An A + energy refrigerator and washing machine is in your best interest. Up to 41% energy savings. Defrost regularly in your refrigerator if it does not do so automatically as the 5 mm thick ice increases consumption by 30%. You can also swap your old stove, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, etc for a more energy saving one. The newer appliances are working with less power and are even “greener” for the environment as sometimes they are made of recycled materials.

Use your lamps correctly

For outdoor lighting use luminaires with energy saving lamps, solar panel and motion detector to turn them on. This way you will have autonomous lighting without cost of use. Low-energy light bulbs (CFLs) use only 20% of the energy of a standard light bulb. Replacing old light bulbs is an easy way to save energy. Using LED bulbs can save up to 90% of the electricity consumed by a common incandescent bulb.

Use your appliances wisely

Fill your washing machine and also make sure that you shut the tap when you are washing your dishes. Try to fully fill the washing machine tub, so that you make better use of the energy spent on each wash. If you need to put less clothes, adjust your machine’s programs for less water or choose a shorter program.

Another great tip is to let the dishes dry on their own on a rack instead of using the drying program of the washer.

Bonus tips

  • Prefer a solar water heater. The savings of electricity needed for hot water reach 60% and can save up to 9% on the total electricity bill.
  • Turn off the stove or oven for about 20 minutes before cooking is complete and let the remaining heat do the rest.
  • Keep the oven door closed during cooking. Temperature losses can even reach 25 degrees each time you open and close it.
  • Make sure that the kitchen utensils fit properly in the kitchen hobs. You waste 20-30% more heat and electricity when the base of the pan is 1-2 cm smaller than the hob. Using the pressure cooker saves 30-60% electricity and 80% time.
  • For heating small quantities of food, prefer, if you have, the microwave oven because it saves electricity and time.
    Set the refrigerator thermostat to 7 ° C in the storage chamber and -18 ° C in the freezer. This saves up to 15% electricity.
  • The refrigerator consumes a lot of energy because it works 24 hours a day. The energy label of all modern electrical appliances gives us information about its energy efficiency. Choose a device with low energy consumption.
  • According to IEA data, in the standby phase of electrical appliances, electricity equal to 5% to 15% of household electricity consumption is wasted internationally.

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The best iPhone 12 charger to buy for fastest charging speeds

The Apple Apple iphone 12 Professional Max is unveiled all through a virtual products launch.

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Pictures

Apple’s new Iphone 12 and Iphone 12 Professional, which are obtainable for preorder starting Friday, come with a cable in the box, but not the plug that goes into a electric power outlet. Apple started out performing this to cut down on its carbon footprint, but it also indicates you have to invest a lot more to get the most out of your new Iphone.

Here’s the deal: If you nevertheless have a single of those compact sq. chargers from Apple that has an normal USB plug on it, you will never be ready to use that with the new cable in the Apple iphone 12 box, which works by using a various link.

That outdated charger also will not likely demand your Iphone as speedy as achievable. The new plug must give you 50% cost in about 30 minutes. You also will never get the full velocity from Apple’s new MagSafe wi-fi charger. That indicates your mobile phone is heading to shell out a large amount additional time charging if you you should not update.

Here’s what the old charger I’m speaking about appears like. If you have it, you need to exchange it.

Apple’s 5-watt Iphone charger.


Here’s what you should really invest in to get more quickly charging speeds, no matter if you are plugging it into the Iphone immediately or into the new MagSafe wireless charger:

Apple’s 20-watt Apple iphone charger.


It is really Apple’s $20 20-watt Apple iphone plug. Anker and other brand names promote comparable products and solutions on Amazon for about $20. (More recent iPads and Macs use identical plugs, so you may perhaps already own 1. Verify if you do.)

And, sure, I realize investing yet another $20 is the previous factor you want to do when you happen to be expending at minimum $799 on a new Iphone. But you can be waiting around significantly for a longer period for your Apple iphone to cost if you do not.

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Twitter changes hacked material policy after blocking Post’s Biden story

Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Illustrations or photos

Twitter has modified its policy on hacked products. It arrives on the heels of it controversial selection to block hyperlinks to a New York Write-up tale about Joe Biden’s son.

The unverified tale alleged that Hunter Biden — the son of Joe Biden who was vice president at that time — tried to introduce his father to a top rated government at a Ukrainian company Hunter Biden labored for.

Twitter explained the post was in violation of its hacked materials policy. The corporation clarified that it was banning one-way links to the article simply because it contained illustrations or photos of hacked materials with private and personal info.

The conclusion drew backlash from conservatives and President Donald Trump.

Just after receiving “sizeable responses,” Twitter made a decision to make changes to its hacked substance plan, in accordance to the company’s legal, coverage and belief and basic safety lead Vijaya Gadde.

There are two amendments. The first is that Twitter will no extended remove hacked material except it is directly shared by hackers or those acting in concert with them. The second is that Twitter will label tweets to present context rather of blocking backlinks from being shared on the social media platform.

Gadde claimed that other Twitter terms will nonetheless utilize — these types of as policies prohibiting end users from posting private details without the need of consent.

That implies hyperlinks to the New York Put up story will still be blocked, Twitter’s Vice President of World wide Communications Brandon Borrman explained to CNBC in a tweet. That’s simply because the post has images that have electronic mail addresses and cellphone numbers.

Twitter’s hacked components policy will be up to date in the coming days, according to Gadde.

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Twitter had a major outage on Thursday

Twitter CEO and Co Founder, Jack Dorsey addresses college students at the Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT), on November 12, 2018 in New Delhi, India.

Amal KS | Hindustan Occasions | Getty Photographs

Twitter’s website was down Thursday afternoon, with customers who experimented with to pay a visit to the assistance greeted by an error message.

A notice on the company’s standing web page showed that Twitter was investigating an irregularity with its software programming interface, or API. The company’s cellular app also appeared to not be working properly.

The service appeared to have been at minimum partly restored for some customers close to 7 p.m. ET, soon after currently being down for much more than an hour.

“The recent problem was caused by an inadvertent modify we designed to our interior devices,” the company tweeted. “Twitter should really be doing the job for everybody inside of the next number of hrs.

The outage will come one day immediately after Twitter and rival Fb made the unprecedented editorial selection to limit the arrive at of a New York Publish tale that promises to show “smoking cigarettes gun” e-mails related to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The company suffered a important service failure before this calendar year when the Twitter accounts of some of the most famed people in the country were compromised as aspect of an apparent bitcoin scam in July. Victims integrated Joe Biden, previous President Barack Obama and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

A spokeswoman for the business acknowledged that it was on the lookout into difficulties.

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