Blackstone Vice Chairman Byron Wien said on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” that Monday’s offer-off amid the spreading coronavirus outbreak was not the start off of a bear sector.

“It is not the beginning of a bear current market. It is really a significant correction connected to a essential development,” Wien stated. “The essential enhancement will be corrected eventually, and the market place will resume its previous way, which was good.”

U.S. equity markets opened reduce on Monday after a weekend of reports that the coronavirus was spreading more promptly exterior of mainland China. The Dow Jones Industrial Ordinary was down about 800 factors, or 2.75%, although Wien was talking.

Monday’s slide brought the index about 4.5% down below its all-time highs, but Wien claimed the marketplace has been primed for a pullback lately.

“The market place was vulnerable to a 5% to 10% correction at any supplied time. Probably we’re obtaining it now. I will not assume it’s the conclusion of the entire world. I consider the virus will be introduced under handle,” Wien claimed.

Wien explained in his “10 Surprises” note before this 12 months that the U.S. marketplaces would see numerous corrections of 5% or a lot more throughout the yr, but he nonetheless predicted the S&P 500 would finish the year at 3,500.

Even with the virus outbreak hurting economic progress for at least the initial quarter, Wien claimed the domestic and worldwide economies could even now have a strong year.

“The U.S. was undertaking pretty nicely in spite of the virus. I imagine if the virus is introduced below control the earth financial state will proceed to expand,” Wien mentioned.

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