The trends come and go, but a beautiful and high quality bag – γυναικείες τσάντες – stays forever. Whether you are planning to invest in new designs or just follow the latest trends, here are the 9 best bags for summer 2021. Summer is here and it’s time to update our wardrobe with one of the new styles of the season.

Chain Straps

Chains are the most famous trend of recent seasons. For summer, bags with colorful chains are a great choice to combine with a simple look, as shown in the Versace show. These bags can be worn at any time of the day, with the appropriate spring or summer outfit. You need to pay attention to the chain that they have and specifically to it’s color. A pure metallic color is the desired result, while you can move in both silver and gold. Let’s not forget that silver is the top metallic color for this year.

Pink of the bubble gum

This season, bubble gum bags are taking us back to the vibrant fashion of the ’00s era. On several catwalks, bags of various shapes, with monograms and in different sizes had one thing in common the explosive shade of pink. So, a bag in bubblegum pink is a great choise for summer 2021.

Multiple bags

This season, fashion dictates its own rules. If you swing between a large bag or a petite version, wear them together. The experts not only advise us to combine different styles, models and sizes, but insist on it.


Basket bags

Basket bags have been dominating for several summer seasons and this year is no exception. For those of you who love natural materials and a more rustic style, then this is definitely a bag that you should keep in many of your appearances this year. It is made of artificial straw. These bags are suitable for all ages, while it is very easy and simple to combine them with the rest of the outfit.

They are held from morning until late afternoon, in any circumstance during this period. Just adjust the size of the bag accordingly. They exist in more classic designs, such as the one pictured, but also in many others, such as the basket shape. In your opinion, every girl and woman who wants to be elegant and fashionable needs to hold a bag like that.

Two in one

This time, the designers decided to show preference not only to waist bags, but also to focus on an equally important accessory, such as wallet bags hanging around the neck of models at the shows of Max Mara and Louis Vuitton.

Tote bags

Tote bags are a constant and timeless favorite of all of us. Definitely because they can be worn daily, from morning to afternoon. They also have a large storage space, allowing us to carry everything we need or even more than we need!

This year, these practical bags appeared in a crown with a specific style, which we would characterize as professional. We believe that all women should have such a bag in our wardrobe, Mainly because of its practicality and comfort, as well as the convenience of combination with the rest of the outfit. So, we can not omit the well-known tote bags from the list of must have for summer 2021.

Bags in neon shades

What is more summery and springy what is more cheerful and lively than neon colors? After two years, we see these vibrant and bright colors return to the fashion trends for bags. Yellow, green, orange, magenta and blue are good choices for neon bags. You can be inspired for your own choices in bags. Do not hesitate to keep such a bag whenever you want to look and be glamorous and in-fashion.

Knitted bags and purses

One of the cutest, most beautiful, most versatile, one of the most classic and at the same time modern fashion trends in women’s Bags for summer 2021 are undoubtedly the knitted bags.

Knitted backpacks, knitted shoulder bags, knitted handbags in colors such as white, pink, beige. But also intense summer and spring colors such as magenta, green, red, blue and more. However, the knitted bags and the knitted bags that were in soft, neutral, earth tones starred. In our opinion, such a bag is everything you need to take off an evening or summer evening look in a perfect way. A knitted bag is a very good idea, comfortable choice and almost passé partout solution for your morning and afternoon appearances and obligations.


Tiny bags

Bags that fit almost nothing have been one of the top trends for years. As it seems, they will not be missing from the list of top trends this season either.

On the catwalks of famous fashion brands a variety of designs of small bags were presented that are held on the hand or inserted crosswise. But the ones that stood out were the bracelet type and the ones that hang around the neck. Of course, the sets of many small bags were not missing. Together or separately they create a more user-friendly bag for your walks.

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