5 questions for your plumber

People who own houses are going to face some issues with their plumbing systemΑποφράξεις Αντωνίου- eventually. At the moment of these problem though, there is no time to pose your questions to the plumber as they are probably very busy and they need to get your system fixed. This is why we decided to prepare this article about the 5 questions for your plumber.

We are going to discuss what is most important for you when it comes to plumbing and your draining system. So bear with us as we guide you through the 5 questions for your plumber.

What is your price range?

This is another very frequent question that plumbers are always getting asked. This basically depends on the company and their price policy. The services that the companies offer are also a very important component to the total price of each unclogging service so please make sure that you are informed about the products and tools that they are using.

The experts in the drain system cleaning –Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη- are offering to you their services for a very low price as they are starting at 20 euros. You can have your sink unclogged for this price and generally speaking, their price range is very affordable so this way you can call them anytime you like even for the most minor problems.

When do I need to call you?

This question is the most important one but many people forget it quite a lot. You will need to call a plumber or a drain cleaning crew eventually. The point is to know when it is mandatory to call them -Αποφράξεις Μαρούσι– as soon as possible and when you can wait for a couple of days or not call them at all.

You need to call a plumber when you are experiencing a pipe burst, a pipe leak or a flood. That is because these issues are not controlled easily and they can lead to a major disaster in your house or business. You need to call your plumber as soon as possible so that you are going to be sure that you and your property are safe. The sooner you call them the less damage your plumbing system will take.

If any other minor issues appear like for example a sink clog or slow draining performance of your bathtub then you do not have to be all crazy. Call your plumber, let them know and then they can come in a couple of days or they could propose some temporary way of solving the problem yourself.

What causes my drain to clog?

There are a lot of things that could cause your system to clog as it is made of a whole complex structure of pipes and drains. First of all, you need to take proper care of your plumbing and draining system. It is not okay to throw things like paper, cotton balls, q tips and any other objects into your sink or the toilet bowl. When it comes to the sinks and shower drains, make sure that most of your hair strands, food scraps and any other things do not end up in your sewers.

All of these things we mentioned above, can be the cause of a clog. Sometimes you might throw things unconsciously in the sinks or toilet bowl. Children can also throw things like toys or food in the toilet bowl and cause a clog. If you own a business the clogs could be more frequent and there is nothing you can really do rather than call a drain cleaning service.

What are your working hours?

Working hours are a huge point in choosing a sewer draining company. You need a company that is available for you 24 hours per day –Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς- and 365 days a year. An issue in your drain system can happen anytime -even in the middle of the night- so you need to pick a company that will be able to be there despite the holidays or if it’s late.

This is the reason why you should avoid booking  companies that offer their services in hours between 7 in the morning and let’s say 7 at night because in case anything happens to you after midnight, they will never even answer the phone. There are companies which have emergency services and you can call them anytime. The last thing you need is a pipe burst when no one is answering their phone because their working hours are done.

Do you provide us with a written agreement?

If you want to be certain that the services you receive are legitimate and that you are not going to have any additional problems after they are done due to bad handling of the drain cleaning crew, you should ask for a written agreement of the services, cost, etc. Make sure to have the agreement in your hands before even the job begins. It should write everything that you have agreed on doing, nothing less and nothing more.

If anyone does not keep the agreement terms you have every right to get your money back.

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