How safe is sex during coronavirus?

One of the many questions about the new coronation is about sexual intercourse. Golden diamond escorts advice us to stay home and stay safe!

Global concern about the coronavirus has grown, and many questions about the virus still remain unanswered. One is whether it is safe to have sex while we are ill or if we are at greater risk of getting the virus more easily through sexual intercourse.

The coronavirus relationship and sex

What we know so far is that the new coronavirus strain is transmitted from person to person with droplets from coughing or sneezing and the symptoms usually appear – if they occur – usually within two to five days of infection.

The Andrology Institute, which works with Beijing’s ChaoYang University, is exploring the possibility that the outbreak of this new coronavirus began in China from increased sexual intercourse at New Year’s Eve celebrations. This case was investigated in a study done by the University of Beijing.

As doctors say: “In the city of Ohan, researchers observed an increase in the frequency of pregnancies, at the same time that the virus spread with geometrical progress.”

“From this initial observation came the research idea that the first source of transmission was sexual intercourse, not the mere synchronicity that followed, of course, because the critical mass of population was created, giving rise to geometric progress in epidemics, in all epidemics. diseases. ”

What scientific research has shown about sex life

Doctors Long Tian have begun research in the last two years on new sexual practices, common in a time when China is changing the world and its world. And it begins to appear that the younger generations from the one-child policy have moved on to the need to increase the country’s population, seeing that its economy will only grow with the growth of a young and healthy population.

The modern Western way of life has transformed traditional China into a country that is no different from the modern industrialized countries of the West. So, along with overconsumption, came the need for many children, but also the joy and enjoyment of sex life, as was the case during the era of sexual liberation in America.

Researchers are considering, after documenting the case, to propose to the World Health Organization to list viral prevention – in addition to well-known guidelines for hand washing, mask use, avoiding multiple syncs and the like – and the parameter of sexual intercourse.

That is, to inform the population that sexual intercourse is a major risk factor. Because people, in addition to swapping liquids with cough and from a distance, as the entire world community now knows, have physical contact, kiss and exchange liquids during intercourse.


Abstinence from sex?

Greece call girls note: “Abstinence for a short period of time is not dangerous, especially in times when all mankind is in danger. In this way, we will ensure for future generations the knowledge of another dangerous way of transmitting viruses, before pandemics and scourge on the human species.”

“As with HIV the condom remains the first simple and preventive method of non-transmission, so with coronavirus, apart from masks and hand washing, sexual intercourse should be avoided during the period of exacerbation. ”

If someone has a coronary artery disease with mild, if at all, symptoms, it would be best not to have sex until it is completely well, experts say, to avoid sticking with their sex partner. After all, when someone is sick, they rarely have the mood or much, much more energy to have sex.

What to watch out in sex

“The risk of faster transmission of the virus through sexual contact is real. The general rule is to keep a distance from anyone who may be ill. Since sex requires very close intercourse, doing so, while one of you has a coronary heart disease, is absolutely against any medical advice. ”

And escorts add: “Having sex without your sick partner sneezing, coughing or even breathing close to your mouth is extremely unlikely. What does this mean; Don’t have sex if you know, even if you suspect, that one of you has it. ”

What complicates matters is that one can transmit the virus even days before the symptoms appear. So you are likely to get stuck by a partner who seems to be perfectly healthy.

Now maybe you’re thinking “at least one kiss I can’t give”? Greek escorts are categorical. No! There is no way to get two people so close to each other without the risk of transmitting the virus from person to person. If you really want to be completely safe, it’s a good idea to sleep in separate beds and separate rooms for a few days.

Sex in the period of coronavirus

In the era of the coronavirus everything changes. And sexual relations. Some are better and others hell. As in any crisis there are winners and losers…

A first proof that things were changing in the era of the coronavirus and sex was in mid-March in Berlin. In front of the swinger club Insomnia there was no queue of customers from all over the world, as usual but only a note saying that the Berlin government had decided to close the clubs.

At the same time, however, the clubs may have been closed, but restaurants and cafés, meeting places for many people and often single people, were open. A little later they had to close.

Things for those who are alone are not rosy. “Those who are alone are in a worse position even without the coronavirus.

Online dating in the period of coronavirus

“Social distancing” and the forced restriction of contacts do not stop the need for communication

Millions of singles around the world are looking for the right companion on dedicated online platforms. But what about coronavirus now? Has demand declined?

In our opinion these pages probably have an advantage at this time. At this time, the point is to limit physical contact. The need for communication does not stop there and one can maintain or expand their online contacts.

But in every crisis, there are losers and losers. The fact that someone is locked in the house increases both the demand for pornographic films and erotic games. This also increases the turnover of the respective companies.

Together forever;

After crises there is an increase in births

For couples, things are easier to have sex. Provided they are doing well. For some couples this may mean a rejuvenation of their relationship. They have to deal with each other again. There are no opportunities for exits to theatres, cinemas and gyms.

But not for all couples. After a week of forced close living, the nerves can be ragged. Common activities such as washing windows may end with Homeric fights. And then sex is not fun either. “Amorous desire is a change between near and far,” says the German psychologist.

If couples do well, sex is a good opportunity to relieve stress, she believes. And not only that. The results will probably be tangible… after nine months. He is sure that the number of children will increase.

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