How the painting of a wall affect our psychology!

Painting is the most common “language” in the world. Sounds may not be used, but emotions are created and it is a language that we all know instinctively to speak. The colors and painting we choose for our walls testify to the emotions and finally to ourselves.

Usually when we choose a color to paint a room of the house, we choose based on our aesthetic criteria, the furniture or the sex of the one who stays in the house or the bedroom. But color is primarily expression, psychology and an international language!

Let’s see what emotions are caused by different colors:


Red is known for the energy it gives to a room and is a well-known tool for decorators to elevate the senses. It is a “social” color, because it pushes people to gather in this space and speak. Creates a beautiful contrast with wenge or dark furniture in general, without excluding the lighter ones.

Strategically it can be used in hall / foyer, to create strong impressions on customers, business guests or your guests! It is contraindicated for bedrooms, because it prevents relaxation, while if you are on a diet, it is the worst choice for the kitchen, because it activates the appetite!


It resembles the sun and is therefore considered the color of happiness, which is why it is preferred for rooms without windows in gold or dark with a tendency to mustard tones. You should not prefer it in places where you spend a lot of time or if you work from home, because it tends to tire the eyes. According to research as a baby room color, it causes babies to cry more. Prefer it in pale yellow or French Vanilla shades, claim Gikas Painting Painters in New Jersey.


As a blend of red and blue, the color of luxury offers a balance between relaxation and energy. Lilac shades relax the mind, without “freezing” the room. Dark purple can be used in the office, while light purple in the children’s room.


Orange tends to stir up crowds! It is a risky color though, because as it consists of red and yellow, it can be used in a space where you want concentration and excitement, but it is not recommended to painting bedrooms or the living room.


The all time classic white exudes cleanliness and purity and can enter homes with romantic decor (as well as the shades between white and beige). At the same time it can amazingly highlight your paintings or colored wall stickers in modern, pop art and playful rhythms.


Blue is the most relaxing color that keeps blood pressure and heart rate low. In the color of the ocean it has the advantage that it expresses dynamism, while oil and royal blue express luxury. Pale shades tend to make a room look bigger. It is a great color for workplaces, while at the same time it helps creativity. If you have a weight problem, blue cuts the appetite by sending a faster signal to the brain that you are full. Prefer it in the bathroom, the kitchen or the bedroom and less in the living room and you have the recipe for success!


Green – the color of nature and peace – is a particularly relaxing color for the eyes with relaxing properties. In pale shades it is relaxing, in yellow-green it is energetic (it is better to put it on a single wall), while in cypress or olive color it can become depressing. It is considered to be the best color for work from home, because it helps in concentration.

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