Apartment building entrance doors based on your needs

Nowadays, apartment building entrance doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – are not an easy task. Many try to repeat your time and money, presenting you unfinished or old-tech constructions of low aesthetic value as effective.

However, at Alfino Door we have the solution to your problem by providing high quality apartment building entrance doors. With extensive experience in the field, we design and manufacture armored apartment building entrances that combine incomparable security and technology with high aesthetics.


– Safety means technological superiority. Always keeping in mind the satisfaction of your needs, Alfino Door manufactures armored apartment building entrance doors using the most modern technology has to offer. Special automatic locking systems ensure that the entrance to your apartment building remains permanently locked, providing you with absolute security 24 hours a day.

Electromechanical self-locking locks from Alfino Door are the solution most people choose to ensure building security. These locks are automatically locked after each entry or exit from your apartment building. Invest in Alfino Door technology and shield your space with the latest technology.

Alfino Door Entrance Doors


– For all of us at Alfino Door, aesthetics in our constructions is as important as technology. Yes, we want to provide you with the highest security. Yes, our members are to shield your space with the latest technology. Nevertheless, we pay special attention to the design and aesthetics of each of our products.

Specifically, we at Alfino Door, manufacture every apartment building door with the aim of aesthetically upgrading the facade of your space. Our qualified associates are always at your disposal to propose and co-shape with you the final view of the entrance that satisfies your own taste.

Do not hesitate to ask us anything you have imagined for the armored door of your apartment building…

At Alfino Door, we can build just about anything as long as the rules regarding construction safety are not violated. Nowadays, shielding your space is more important than ever. With high technology, functional comfort, and unrivaled aesthetics, at Alfino Door you don’t have to lower your standards to find the apartment building door of your dreams.

Don’t miss out any more – learn about all Alfino Door security doors from our highly trained associates here and invest in your future security. Discover some of the latest and most impressive constructions of central income apartment buildings and buildings bearing the signature of Alfino Door here.

We are waiting for you at our exhibition in Athens to explore your own needs and propose reliable security doors solutions.

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