SEO in 2021 what to expect

Search engine optimization techniques have influenced the way websites are created. If you are creating a website or managing a website, you should understand the importance of preparation of user-friendly as well as SEO-friendly content to be presented through web pages. SEO has undergone lots of changes over the years. It continues to change and impact the working process of millions of webmasters all over the world. Let us check how it is going to effect in 2021.

Changes in 2020

There were great changes in 2020 in the world of SEO. Google has updated its algorithms and introduced stringent measures to curtail spamming. Penguin and Panda updates were introduced which brought positive results for some websites and it was great negative hit for other sites. Even though Panda was introduced in 2011 for the first time, a number of changes were introduced in 2012. Penguin algorithm introduced in 2020 has brought lots of changes.

Web sites which implemented un-friendly SEO tactics disappeared from the search lists. Google is able to figure out the sites that really add value and sites that are just promoted for SEO sake. There is great scope to build great links through guest blogging. If there is extensive over-use of anchor texts, such sites were badly with Google updates.

Expectations in 2021


Websites should serve the real purpose for which they are created. These are channels of information. Hence, a website which serves the interests of users will fare better in 2013. However, in order to top the lists or not to be buried under the long lists, you should chalk out a strong strategy and you should implement the same in a vigorous manner.

You should present high quality content on the website. The content should be unique, resourceful and filled with authority. It can be linked with other high page ranking websites in a natural way. The content that you present on your website should be marketed. As you market the content, you will be able to produce useful backlinks for your site. With the addition of backlinks, your site’s prominence in terms of SEO will grow.

You should take measures to publish high quality content. The content should be promoted through various channels so that it will create great heat in various locations including the social networking & bookmarking sites. Google gives great prominence to social signals. You should take measures that links are shared through Tweets, Likes and tweets in a natural way.

You should ensure that the website fares well with AuthorRank rankings. The site provides great metric which will be helpful to assess a website’s potential in terms of SERPs. Your site’s credibility will increase with the AuthorRank’s ratings.

In addition to the presentation of content in the form of text, you should take steps to include audio and video presentations. Google is leveraging its tools to enhance the data through localization measures. Your site should take advantage of local search options. Website should be converted into mobile-friendly site.

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