The most economical member of the new Samsung series is the Galaxy A10, which is also the subject of our particular review – θήκες κινητών -. Manufacturers who want to maintain or gain a significant market share in smartphones, know very well the importance which has the middle and low price range.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Design

The smartphone is made entirely of plastic, which covers the back surface, but also embraces the side. This back, houses the one and only camera of the Galaxy A10 along with its LED Flash. In the lower left corner is the smartphone speaker, in a position that the company has been using for several years now, since the era of the Galaxy S5 and the Note 4. At this point, the speaker is easy to turn off when touched. the Galaxy A10 on a flat surface, and further reduce its volume, which from the beginning is not something special.

It should be noted here that in order to keep the cost of sales low, the Galaxy A10 does not have a fingerprint sensor. Although for Samsung data this is reasonable, in the market one can find several competing devices with very little difference in cost that normally have a fingerprint sensor. Nevertheless, the Galaxy A10 continues to have a normal headphone port on the bottom, since Samsung is one of the few companies that to date has not removed it at all from its devices.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Screen

As already mentioned, one of the most important advantages of the Galaxy A10 is the large screen of 6.21 inches. Samsung has chosen to use an LCD Panel in order to significantly reduce the overall cost of the smartphone.

Its resolution is at 1520 x 720 pixels, the one that is now considered a given in this category, and which comfortably covers the requirements that one can have from a low price smartphone. What pleasantly surprises, is the particularly good color screen performance. Even in this low class, and even in an LCD Panel, Samsung can offer screens significantly better than the competition.

Everything is presented in quite bright and pleasant colors, which in fact are within the limits of reasonable and do not tire or look too much. Overall, the large size and good quality of the screen of the Galaxy A10, make it one of the most important advantages against the proposals of the competition.


Perhaps the biggest surprise ever for the category to which the Galaxy A10 belongs, is the performance of the one and only camera on the back. Technically, its resolution is at 13MP and it has a lens with an aperture of f / 1.9, which helps it significantly in taking photos in lower light. The Galaxy A10 is also the only Samsung smartphone that does not offer scene optimization, as it calls the company the ability to identify the scenery and the object of each photo.

So without adapting to the conditions, the camera has a pretty good overall performance, which comfortably exceeds the average in this category. What stands out most in the photos, are the very good levels of detail they contain. The hardware inside the Galaxy A10 is powerful enough to store photos with good levels of detail and color gamut in a reasonable amount of time.

The F / 1.9 aperture significantly helps the sensor to see very good levels of illumination, which translates into correspondingly bright photos. Their detail remains at very good levels even in these conditions, something that is not taken for granted, while the dynamic and color range is better than usual.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Processor

The Galaxy A10 has inside the same Exynos 7884 processor designed and manufactured by Samsung itself, with the immediately more expensive Galaxy A20e. The main and only essential difference between them is that the Galaxy A10 has 2 GB of RAM instead of 3, which is essentially the only “limitation” in performance for the smaller of the two Smartphones.

Theoretically and practically, even with lower operating frequency, is more than enough for the requirements that one can have from the Galaxy A10. In everyday use, almost all the usual applications open without delay, while even the most demanding of them do not “hang” or run with particular difficulty.

The 2 GB of RAM is in any case a problem that should be taken into account by anyone who chooses the Galaxy A10. Ordinary Social Media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not practical in their capabilities. In terms of graphics, the Mali G71 GPU is definitely stronger than most competition proposals for this money. This does not necessarily mean that it can play games like PUBG, although here the small RAM is what prevents the Galaxy A10 from offering something better.

Operating system

The Galaxy A10 comes with Samsung’s OneUI graphical interface, which is the newest and best version available to the company. Below that is Google’s Android 9 Pie, and it is almost certain that even with a significant delay, the Galaxy A10 will at some point probably be upgraded to the next version of the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Battery

Inside the Galaxy A10 is a relatively large battery with a capacity of 3,400 mAh. The “big” is compared to the power requirements of the Smartphone, which are limited. The Exynos 7884 has very good performance characteristics for its consumption, and the OneUI in turn has significantly improved management and control of what each application does.


The Samsung Galaxy A10 is by far the most economical smartphone that the company has made available on the market in recent years, as the first and official selling price. The technical features and design of the Galaxy A10 may not be excellent, as some companies with more experience in Such a low price range, they offer devices slightly better than this, but it is enough for Samsung and its policy so far.

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